TIM’s Bookshelf

In the life and times of any sensible TIM, there has to be some headspace set aside to take in new ideas, to read and discover more about the ever increasing swaths of pedagogy that underpin TIM’s remit.

Fortunately TIM’s reading skills do not need to be chained to be to the endless emails, letters, the new Code of Practice (CoP) and Education, Care & Health Plans (EHCPs). There are a plethora of excellent Inclusion related books that can help you in your day to day efforts,  to support children, parents/ Carers and staff alike, so it really is well worth the investment of time and money.

It is likely that the needs of your setting will initially dictate the topics of your reading list, but for the purposes of TIM’s list, the recommended books have been selected because they have artfully avoided being too long or self- absorbed: Busy TIMs generally do not have time to read and absorb doctoral thesis!  TIMs love books that:

  • Share advice/ tips that are actually useful.
  • Offer organisational guidance
  • Are not onerous and over complex.
  • Employ humour and visual images – to demonstrate the inclusive practices that they advocate!

TIM’s bookshelf will be organised into the following areas:

  • Good for TIMs/ SENCOs
  • Good for Teachers /Teaching staff
  • Good for Parents/ Carers
  • Great for children.

As an additional extra, please feel free to include a photo, as demonstrated!

If you would like to contribute to the recommendations list, tweet the following details and your photo to: @theviewfromTIM

  • Book Title:
  • Topic:
  • Good for:
  • Cost/ Quality Rating
  • Why is it fabulous?
  • Name & Role of the person holding the book!

Thank you in advance