The view from TIM’s Office

So we all understand that context is important but irritability arrives when this is then used as a justification for poor achievement. It is a factor – but is not the whole story.

The Inclusion Manager (TIM) will therefore resist the rowdy cries of ‘Location, location, location’ to quietly welcome you to this small patch of inclusive urban educationalisimagem: A personal and professional slice of heaven, beauty and ashes.

As a general rule, TIM will refrain from directly using names and places, purely as a gesture of courtesy and to most importantly, ‘protect the innocent’.

If you think you do know the where/ who/ what of this blog – TIM is hopeful that you are gracious enough to understand why we would appreciate our privacy. There’s no need to dig too deep – just trust that the reflections are reliable, relevant and based on the all too real situations of TIM.

TIM will aim to share some of the wide angles and the runways, along with the boiling points that make education in ‘challenging contexts’ memorable and your feedback and viewpoints are an invaluable additional resource to our practice.

And just in case you are completely confused by the occasional ballet photography shots: They are intended to be a visual metaphor for the emotional, intellectual and physical strength; the balance, discipline and grace required to do TIM role – and do it well.

The truth is, TIMs have to be ‘en pointe’ at all times, and perhaps this is no different to other senior leadership roles – but it certainly is one of the most demanding posts in education. We aim to make the performance (or illusion) of educational inclusion look effortless and beautiful, whilst managing the constant complexities, dangers and potential damage of working closely with some of the most vulnerable children and families in some of the most desperate situations. Not just on our colleagues but on ourselves.

We hope you can enjoy the view, from TIMs Office.

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